Connie Easterbrook

Counselling Services for Individuals and Couples

Customer Testimonials

"We both felt heard and believed. Your wisdom has impacted our marriage in an extremely positive way" "As much as I didn't want to do marriage counselling I am so pleased I did. You have been outstanding in your ability to help us communicate" -Phil and Lisa

"I would like to thank you so much for being my saving grace over the past few years" - Corinne 


"It has meant a great deal to have your insight and learn from your experience" - Natalie

I was apprehensive at first, but Connie is a thorough, professional and quality counsellor. Her insight, direction and dedication have honestly made all the difference! Thank you for your care and all your hard work"  Tarnya

 I have had the privilege of having counselling with Connie. Connie has many outstanding qualities, her warmth and understanding always made it easy for me to talk but most importantly someone whom I could TRUST with my personal feelings. Thanks for your professionalism, care and genuine kindness. Thank you for your valuable advice, support and help. Your support, encouragement and advice have been extremely helpful. You taught me so many things. Connie is aware of the many different needs and accommodates to them accordingly. I am now able to live a happier and better life and deal with difficult or unpleasant things that life sometimes has for me in a much more controlled and calming way.Thank you Connie for making a difference.I will forever be grateful. From the bottom of my heart I’d like to thank you for helping me. You truly are a beautiful person who has touched my heart" - Jo

"Connie is an amazing counsellor with a deep understanding and compassion for others going through grief and loss, anxiety and depression as well as suicide. She is also very skilled and passionate about working with couples. Connie's talent in Emotion Focused therapies and working with individual client needs has seen her transform many lives and marriages. I would highly recommend Connie for anyone who is needing extra support in their life" - Larissa 

Connie is a lovely counsellor who has a sincere and gentle approach but at the same time maintaining professional and confidential. I was able to work through life challenges and feel I was equipped with the skills to better understand myself, my situation and also improve who I was as an individual. I can confidently say that Connie is able to make a difference in your life if you are able to allow yourself to be open and to trust her on your journey. - Elise

I have known Connie Easterbrook for nearly 15 years through my initial contact with her at Lifeline Sutherland. First Connie was working with me as the co-ordinator of Lifeline and I as the Lifeline trainer. After a few years we co facilitated the Lifeline training. I know Connie more as an educator than as a counsellor.

Connie is an excellent, dedicated and extremely committed educator and counsellor. She has a wonderful ability to connect to her students and to inspire their learning. She facilitates group role plays with sensitivity and always bringing out salient points of learning through the process of reflection and discussion.

Connie has a therapeutic presence as a professional counsellor and educator. I highly recommend her and wish her well in her work. - Beate